Something I have been working on behind the scenes is redefining my bathroom look and feel. Having moved to California after 26 years of brutal winters on the East Coast, I have been understandably obsessed with the year-round beachy weather these past two years. That said, I have been wanting to incorporate that beachy California cool style in my apartment.

My bathroom has been the toughest room to decorate. It has sleek Benjamin Moore Wolf Gray walls but it’s matched with Titty Pink tile (with matching toilet and bath — gotta love the 1950’s…good grief). Talk about contrast. However, I think I may be able to pull off that California vibe with these colors. I can use tropical blues and greens to tie together the dark grey and god awful pink hues together to bring out a moody tropical style.

Bathroom Color Palette.jpg

To date, I have done my best to camouflage the pink tiles with a dark grey rug and grey and blue shower curtain (both from CB2, pictured below). What I love most about the shower curtain are the little ties at the bottom, they add a layer of dimension to an otherwise neutral piece. I am so happy I went with the runner, I was nervous it would not fit but I got lucky! The rug is super cushiony but doesn’t dry well (something to be mindful of).


I have also put up a palm tree print from Urban Outfitters on the open wall facing the shower to bring the palm theme into the mix. I would like to decorate with palm leaves even more and add one in a vase to either the windowsill or toilet — two ripe areas for more decoration (see below for inspiration). 

Source: Domino

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