Dressed to the Nines

My newly improved dresser!

I am so unbelievably proud of myself—after a year and a half of putting it off, I have finally refurbished my plain, old dresser from Target. I had tossed around a few ideas, however, landed on this simple look, pictured above. I think it complements the bedroom as whole well and also is representative of my personality. Rustic elegance with a little flair.

Before staining!

I stained the wood using a dark walnut stain by Varathane. I ended up only needing one coat to reach my desired hue. I elevated the overall look by swapping out the old, boring knobs for these gorgeous agate knobs from Anthropologie.


I stumbled upon this random photo and it was my inspiration for this project and I’m very happy with the outcome. I’ve already started adding little decorative pieces but need to revamp my storage a bit. I just ordered a few new trays from Urban Outfitters to hold my jewelry and will post an update next week once I receive them in the mail! Yeeee happy dance! 🙂

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