Dream Space

In my last post, I shared my shattered hopes and dreams of my bedroom dresser. While I have not yet made much progress there, I have given my bedroom extensive thought over the past few months. I have come to the conclusion that I do not use my bedroom for any purpose other than sleeping (wasteful) and I had made the mistake of duel-using it as a workout space (cringe) for a short-lived fitness phase. This has caused the energy flow of my dream space to be off and I want to rectify that. Questions such as, “How does my bedroom serve me?” or “How does my bedroom make me feel?” came to mind. Determined to create a space for myself, I have dreamt up the below plan.

How does my bedroom make me feel? How do I want it to make me feel?

My bedroom has NOT been a place of solitude and relaxation. It is a room with a bed to sleep on and clothes to wear. It’s solely there for practical purpose rather than as an emotional outlet. This is going to change. I want my room to be a spacious oasis after a long day. I want candles and oxygen-rich plants. I want to be woken with morning light and be surrounded with reminders of the things that ground me. I want a gallery wall of places I love. I want to feel peace, confidence, recharged and sexy all at once.

Source: Domino

When it comes to seduction, I know feng shui recommends reds and symmetry. I’m good with symmetry, however, my palate is largely composed of neutrals. Neutrals have been my happy place but I am now opening myself up to a more expressive variety.  My room desperately needs a little fire. Red can be gorgeous but I will have to find a super subtle way to display it—red tulips, perhaps (Mac Truth: they’re my favorite flower).

How do I use my bedroom? How do I envision using my bedroom?

I use my bedroom to sleep but I would love to use my bedroom to read, be intimate, journal and dream.

I envision a space to sit and reflect, however, I do not have a whole lot of space. I do have some place underneath my window for a small bench or accent chair. I’m picturing a slatted bench or bohemian lounge chair with a faux furry hide draped over it. Complete with a pillow (and a tray for breakfasts in bed if I go with the bench) and it could be perfect.

Source: Domino

Reading and journaling at night would be easier with organized bedside tables. I need to create the space for myself to practice reading and journaling. Once I have slated room for creativity to happen – it will be far more easy to make happen in practice.

Source: The Everygirl

What do my dreams say about me?

Fortunately (I think?), I haven’t been remembering my dreams lately. I have been sleeping so deeply, thanks to Zzzquil. Normally, I am not a drug person. However, the  unfriendly cat lady upstairs loves to let her two fat cats prance around at all hours of the day and night, on hard wood floors no less. But when I do dream, it is of being held back or silenced, which is definitely reflective of how I feel in my waking life. How can I create the space to allow confidence to seep into my spirit and bring life and wildness to my being again?

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