All Dressed Up

Oh the joys of decorating…such a process! #realtalk

I bought a set of drawers that I had to assemble myself…note to readers (and future self): always, always, always measure dimensions and contemplate realistic utilization. Upon assemblage (which caused me to utter the most curse words in succession to date) I realized these puny drawers wouldn’t even hold HALF of my clothes. Stupid moment.

And THIS is what I have envisioned as my DIY drawer “Heaven”…

Source: Domino

And this is what I built…


I am accepting my decorating mistake as a lesson learned and am moving on. I am excited to paint the drawers and have a fun DIY day in the process! I’m also thinking of swapping out the knobs for fun ones from Anthropologie. I will likely stay neutral to go with the room but if I find a pop of color that will work with the whites, tans and blacks then I’ll go for it (like some bold gold knobs)! I will cross that bridge when I get to it. After all, the stained knobs on the dream dresser are gorgeous.

P.S. How about them curtains? I need to do some tailoring to lift the sheer curtain but aside from that they are FAR better than the setup I had while I waited for them (see below). Also, I know experts say to always align your curtains so that they brush against the floor – I don’t know why but I have always preferred them an inch or two above the floor. Way more practical when it comes to cleaning – especially with a Roomba that has a mind of its own!


This also gives me a perfect excuse to purge more clothes that I barely wear – I found a great local organization to donate my barely worn items. Here is a link if anyone in North Beach is interested in donating some of their clothes to local families and individuals (North Beach Citizens). Additionally, if anyone has found a good source to send clothes to victims of Harvey (also potentially Irma and Jose), please do pass along! I know monetary donations are usually most effective in the immediate aftermath of a disaster but I also believe it’s important to keep those victims in mind as they are rebuilding their lives, with or without insurance coverage. I also found this article that the NY Times published helpful in determining some of the monetary donations I made as well as this article by goop.

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