Breakfast Bar for One

Life has been a whirlwind with work, travel and decorating but I am so excited to finally spare some time to post an update. I am definitely realizing how much work goes into decorating a space and doing so thoughtfully. So it does feel like a slower process than I expected since I am trying to be thoughtful about my choices. Though, I have made some progress and it does feel like I have added so much since my rugs but I still have such a long way to go. What I kind of love about this process is that it, in a way, will never end. There are always ways a space can be updated – be it seasonal, evolution of style/need etc.

Until I can purchase a large dining room table and chairs, I decided to go with a little breakfast bar with adorable yellow bar stools. Yellow is, of course, my favorite color and I adore yellow as a theme for kitchens – it really brightens up the space and is inviting. A long time ago, I heard that moods can be transferred into how food tastes when you cook so I require good, happy vibes in my kitchen!


I’ve gone with a more industrial style for the table and stools, though the yellow adds a much needed pop of personality. Albeit one of my favorite styles, I sometimes think that industrial pieces can lack flair so I like to mix it up in order to bring more life into the space.

I will likely move the breakfast bar out onto the balcony (no it is not outdoor proof and no I do not care) once I find a dining room table to take its place. Not sure how I will dress it up once it finds its permanent home, if at all seeing that it is quite small. Might be nice with a slim lantern on top – either filled with small twinkle lights or a candle. Not sure what else would make sense…open to any ideas.

Up next: how my bedroom has been coming along. Stay tuned!

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