North Beach is for Lovers

I have been settling into my new hood in San Francisco, North Beach, which is the equivalent of Little Italy in New York City. My soul belongs to Italy so it is only fitting that I end up living in a subset of it wherever I go.

North Beach is filled with so much character and old-school SF charm…a true rarity in this increasingly gentrified city. From cozy Italian eateries to charming victorians dating back to pre-1906 earthquake devastation, North Beach has endless opportunities to feast your appetite and eyes on.

Plus, it is rich with history (i.e., Barbary Coast, Beat Generation, Gold Rush…). I downloaded the full San Francisco tour pack from Detour (of which, I highly recommend to locals and tourists alike) so have been eating up as many fun facts about this city, and neighborhood, as I can!

One of my favorite local spots I have stumbled upon is a quaint coffee post (yes, post, I would not even call it a shop) called HITW. An apt acronym, HITW stands for Hole in the Wall. It is literally a hole in the wall tucked away on Union Street. Their menu is simple yet cheeky and the coffee is amazingly delicious. While it certainly isn’t the cheapest option, it is by far the most superior and not as ridiculously priced as other prominent SF coffee experts. It’s been my new favorite ritual to run over for a cup early in the mornings while the fog still lingers over the city.


And on the mornings when the fog does not consume the city, I enjoy feasting my eyes on sunrises like this…

I really can get used to this little slice of Heaven. Now I just need a dining table and couch!

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