Shades of Gray

My landlord is repainting the walls and has kindly asked me to help her choose some colors…she was insistent on “revere pewter” so we went with that palette. I do love grays and have a tendency to favor neutrals over color. I do adore the boldness of marigolds, mauves, and serene blues on walls…but, alas, this is a rental and not my canvas to have full reign over.

I feel that my tastes have become more bold with age (*cue eye-roll* like I’ve aged that much…), which I admire. I think all women should feel free to be fiercely bold in what they are passionate about, though it is markedly empowering when older women have that mindset to look up to. It’s like what Roald Dahl said, “…Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.”

However, this chapter is not about boldness, it is about neutrality and balance while working within my means.  So Revere Pewter here we go…I think grays are a balanced alternative to white in terms of color coordination and will allow for a wide array of options for decor. Bonus points for ability to swap various decorative pieces that will still match the grays. Neutrals certainly are a non-committal color compared to jazzy emeralds and violets, no doubt about that!


We ended up choosing Revere Pewter and Smoke and Mirrors for the living room walls (due to the massive amount of light I get, I did window facing walls RP and room facing walls SM), SM for the bedroom and hallway and Wolf Gray in the bathroom. All Benjamin Moore colors.

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